n 2003, Matt Michelsen was plagued with nagging headaches caused by long days spent viewing computer screens. Seeking help, Matt visited his Optometrist and was soon diagnosed with Digital Eye Strain. With technology use on the rise, Matt and his wife, Jennifer, foresaw Digital Eye Strain affecting families around the world. They teamed up with…

Total Mount - Innovelis

At TotalMount, we strive to create uncommonly innovative mounts for home electronics. Our best-in-class mounting solutions are featured in Apple Stores worldwide. Our goal at TotalMount is for you to be over-the-moon happy with the mounting solutions in your home. If, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your experience, please contact us so…

Tech 21

Tech21 was born 17 years ago from the desire to find a more sustainable and durable ‘multiple impact’ product that better protected our technology from all the inevitable drops, falls and mishaps of daily life. Most cases only offer protection from a hard drop once. We felt this was not particularly sustainable or relevant to…


Nanoleaf is a pioneer and never intends to follow others. If someone else in the world is making something, we will not make the same thing. We believe that people should work together to push the boundaries of technology as it exists today. The innovations that we create are consciously designed, driving our planet towards…

We created the ultimate phone light! Illuminate your life with the LuMee collection from Case-Mate. Our LuMee phone cases provide professional-quality lighting, perfect for capturing selfies and videos from anywhere and at any time. We offer a variety of LuMee phone light styles, such as light-up phone grips, LED vanity lights, phone clip lights, phone…


What started as a gaming peripherals company with the Icemat in 2001, quickly became a brand that provided products in multiple categories. A deal with Microsoft in 2003 saw the Icemat bundled with the Intellimouse, which broadened distribution networks and laid the groundwork for SteelSeries to create its own line of mice in 2004.


We believe in a world where everyone can see their path to better health, and feel supported to pursue it. We create technology that people love, to make better health part of daily life.


If you’re new to Twelve South, know everything we design is inspired by and created for Apple products. Our premium leather cases t iPhones and iPads like a glove, our product colors complement Apple colors, and our designs enhance the look and feel of Apple products. We’re all in with Apple.

Native Union

Creating products that support this new way of life with enhanced functionality and refined style, we hope to give people the confidence to pursue their own passions.


Our products focus on how customers connect and interact with the digital world. We keep design at the center of everything we create, in every team and every discipline, to create truly unique and meaningful experiences.